Thanksgiving On The Outer Banks

We all have a lot to be thankful for and…well it’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving, Jolly Roger Outer Banks style. We outer banks thanksgiving restaurantsare with our families, the crazy summer season is over and now you get to rest..AFTER:

  • You purchase the turkey
  • Buy the mashed potatoes, stuffing,cranberry,salad,pie
    ingredients and other sides, accoutrements, and desserts
  • Get beer, wine, soda, and bottled water
  • Lug this into the house, condo, or apartment
  • Prep the food (this is about 100 steps in itself)
  • Pull the fine china
  • Wash the pots, pans, and dishes that have been in the cabinet since last Thanksgiving
  • Set the table
  • Put all the food out
  • Serve everyone, shuttling things back and forth from the kitchen
  • Clear the table
  • Serve dessert
  • Clear the table again
  • Find containers with actual lids for the leftovers
  • Start moving the leftovers to the containers
  • Spend the next 4 hours cleaning dishes
  • Pass out..after your restful Outer Banks Family Thanksgiving

funny-outer-banks-thanksgivingSo what do you do?

Well the Jolly Roger Restaurant in the Outer Banks has a solution:

Let Us Prepare Your Obx Thanksgiving

Here are the steps you have to take for our Thanksgiving in the OBX:

  • Make a reservation for Thanksgiving Day at the Jolly Roger
  • Show up at 1 on Thanksgiving Day
  • Enjoy as much food as you can consume before passing out
  • Watch karaoke after or participate if you are in the mood to serenade the pirate lounge

Gee..This is a tough choice.. Come celebrate Thanksgiving with us!best thanksgiving restaurant in the outer banks

Outer Banks Thanksgiving Feast

The Jolly Roger Outer Banks Thanksgiving Feast includes:

  • Oyster Stew
  • Roasted Turkey
  • Honey Glazed Ham
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Giblet Gravy
  • Traditional Dressing
  • Oyster Dressing
  • Marshmallow Candied Yams
  • Collard Greens
  • Green Beans
  • Shoepeg Corn
  • Cranberries
  • Baby Carrots
  • Jellied & Fresh
  • Homemade Rolls
  • Seasonal Pies
  • Apple Dumplings


food-comaBut what about those great leftovers you used to spend an hour scooping into containers?

The Jolly Roger is a step ahead of you. You can get leftovers to go for $4.99 a pound and up. So you choose if you have them or not and how much of it you want.