Our Restaurant Is Open On Christmas

restaurant open christmasGoing To A Restaurant For Christmas

Looking for a restaurant in Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Nags Head, Manteo or Duck that is open Christmas Day? Look no further. For those looking for a restaurant open Christmas, you have come to the right place. For many of us the stress of the Christmas holiday can be overwhelming. There is a lot to do. So why not lighten that load by letting us prepare Christmas Dinner. Nothing could be simpler. You come in, eat, and leave. No shopping for groceries. No worrying about overcooking something. No last minute trips to the grocery store. But most of all…no dishes. And our food will not disappoint. The Jolly Roger has not one but TWO Christmas Day feasts for the entire family. Both are scrumptious and have all the fixins!

Traditional Christmas Day Meal Feast

Even in the world of traditional Christmas meals there are different schools of thought as to what to serve. Some say go classic with a stuffed turkey similar to the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Others go with ham as their Christmas Day Fare. I say why choose. Why not have both. The Jolly Roger Traditional Christmas Feast will have both ham and turkey as well as all the fixins you would expect at your holiday meal. The meal is only $13.95 a person

Italian Style Christmas Meal Feast

Looking for something a little different? Why not go with an Italian style Christmas dinner. We will be serving our Italian stuffed Pork Roulade. The stuffing of this Mediterranean favorite will consist of roasted peppers, fresh spinach, and ricotta cheese. Smothered with marinara sauce, get ready for a taste explosion. To top it off mashed potatoes, a vegetable and garlic bread will accompany this feast.

outer banks christmas dinner

But what if I don’t want the traditional or Italian style Christmas Feast?

The regular Jolly Roger menu will be offered all day. So if you have your own holiday traditions, we got you covered.

Price of The Christmas Day Meals

  • Traditional Dinner: $13.95 per person
  • Italian Pork Roulade feast: $15.95 a person

restaurant hours christmas dayRestaurant hours for Christmas Day


  • 6:30-2pm


  • 11:30-4:30pm

Christmas specials

  • 11:30- Dinner

And don’t forget we have New Year’s Eve Festivities As Well! Stay Tuned!!!!