Outer Banks Best Seafood Restaurant

What is the best seafood restaurant in the Outer Banks?

Tough question. There is not one type of seafood. Don’t worry, I am not going to go into 30 ways to prepare shrimp…

Lots Of Seafood..Lots Of Choices

Regardless, There is definitely not one method of preparation and there are so many different occasions to enjoy it. I mean there is fried vs Broiled. There is fine dining with seafood. There is also the classic seafood buffet. So maybe a better question would come from breaking down that question into more questions like:

Choosing The Best OBX Seafood Restaurant

  • What makes a seafood buffet the best seafood buffet in the Outer Banks?
  • What seafood restaurant in the Outer Banks has the best fish?
  • What OBX restaurant has the most delectable Lobster?
  • What seafood restaurant near me offers the best crab legs?
  • Which Outer Banks seafood place has the best fish fry?

All tough questions can be answered with a multitude of opinionated answers. In fact, in the age of Trip Advisor and endless seafood restaurant ratings EVERYONE has an opinion and nothing is sacred.

Best seafood restaurant: What to look for…

While opinions will vary there are some criteria I would recommend. The first deals with where you get your seafood

best obx restaurant for seafoodSustainable Seafood

The Jolly Roger participates in a sustainable seafood program. The idea is that the seafood used meets some important quality criteria. Naturally the seafood is sourced Locally by Outer Banks fishermen.

Being Great In The OBX Means Fresh AMERICAN Seafood

There was a time when almost all American seafood was sourced from Coastal American waters. It’s only in the last 30 or 40 years that mostly imports of seafood supply the vast majority of buffets and seafood restaurants in the United States. Naturally a side effect of imported seafood is the loss of American jobs. In spite of this economic assault a large portion of the Outer Banks uses sustainable local and American seafood in their restaurants and markets. This includes fish, shrimp, crab, lobster, and other seafood that are perennial favorites.

In contrast to this if you’ve been to any seafood chain located in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio and even mainland North Carolina most of the seafood you’re getting is probably frozen and much of it from foreign waters in Asia, central Asia and of course South America.

Not to say that all the seafood is bad but there are cases where it is not being checked as in the case is a fish farms coming from locations in Southeast Asia. Consumer reports ran a story on this and it might shock you as to what you’re actually getting when you buy foreign seafood from commercialized farms. Also I’d rather you make your own opinions for yourself and not let me influence them.

Link to Consumer Reports Article

Restaurants Offering Great Seafood..

Now back to what makes the best seafood restaurant in the Outer Banks. Obviously you have to have fresh seafood.

best seafood restaurant outer bankGreat OBX Seafood Means Consistent Fresh Seafood

You can see our source of seafood from our upper deck. In fact look at look at the ocean and the Pamlico Sound. Think of  it that is our giant cooler for our fresh seafood. Seafood for us comes off trawlers by local fishermen who live in the area you might be visiting or even a neighborhood that you live. We are immensely proud of that at the Jolly Roger. We are glad that our seafood is not responsible for pirating people’s jobs by using the foreign seafood. When it comes to seafood a great seafood restaurant uses their local crew or local fisherman who are also customers and family.

A Great OBX Seafood Restaurant Supports The American Seafood Industry

Support The American Seafood Industry..

In fact there is probably no easier way to support American industry than to buy a place that sells local seafood. I would think this is one of things that makes the best seafood restaurant in the Outer Banks and is what allows you to actually support  American and not send all your money overseas.

The Best Outer Banks Seafood Restaurant Has Experience

To be the best Outer Banks Seafood Restaurant the time you have served your market is important. In fact we’ve been around for over 30 years serving incredible seafood, Italian food, breakfast, steak, and more to both visitors and locals alike.

But that’s the thing as one of the best seafood restaurants in the Outer Banks is te tradition of serving. The proof is that people come back decade after decade and not just for our seafood or are shrimp but for all our specialties and entertainment options.

Tradition and  variety of seafood you offer is very important and is a key factor in being the best. If you look at our seafood menu you will see that we offer all different types of seafood delicacies as well as some new recipes.

VarietyLots Of Ways To Prepare It

Seafood restaurant that’s the best of the Outer Banks is open when you want to enjoy seafood. When you want it an all you could eat seafood feast or fried fish fried shrimp you want them when you want them. And the what if you suddenly have a hankering for this in February or early March. The Jolly Roger is open all year round.

The best seafood house in kill Devil Hills or in the OBX.

And Of Course No Outer Banks Seafood Restaurant Is the best without great taste. Obviously at the end of the day taste is the biggest thing. But in determining the best seafood house you should take into account the fresh seafood’s going to be better from  a place people have come for 30 or 40 years.

Set Sail For The Jolly Roger Restaurant

We offer all different choices all through the week including specials to save you money without compromising quality.