Super Bowl Party

best super bowl party in the the outer banks

Looking For a place to watch the Super Bowl in the Outer Banks? The Jolly Roger offers the ultimate pregame game and post game experience in our pirate lounge. Why limit yourself to just one TV or one form of entertainment?

Year after year destination for the Super Bowl in the Outer Banks

For over 40 years the Jolly Roger has been part of major Outer Banks events and celebrations. That includes decades of Super Bowl parties. Let us take care of your Super Bowl party in style. Use our lineup of incredible food and service so that you can watch the game and relax whether you have the whole team or are going it solo.

Just need a place to watch the game

It’s fun to watch at home but why watch at your home when you could have the entire Jolly Roger restaurant at your fingertips. Plus enjoy the excitement of the crowd around you watching the game or sit down and enjoy dinner while you watch the game. There is no shortage of options to make Super Bowl Sunday a blast!

super bowl bar to watch the gameSuper Bowl Or No Super Bowl

If you notice our activity calendar  we have something every day of the week all through the day, so there’s lots to do here at the Jolly Roger which is why people have come here for decades. Come to the Super Bowl party and see why people come here even when there is no event on TV because it’s a lot of fun and there’s a lot to do. Things like karaoke also add a fun touch to eating out. We also offer live music in the warmer days. We often have bands on our upper deck which is a comfortable place to enjoy the view and a cool beverage.

Super Bowl Prizes

Why not get something for your hard earned time watching the pregame or the actual game. Win prizes and trips from the Jolly Roger restaurant while enjoying great food. And not just snack food, but our regular menu. Though there is nothing wrong with a playbook of great snacks.

Super Bowl Snacks

No one has snacks like a bar and I can tell you that it’s one giant Super Bowl happy hour waiting for you.

Full menu

Why settle for just wings and just pizza when you can have the whole menu of seafood, steaks, Italian, tapas, sandwiches salads, or any kind of food. Of course some of our most popular items are:

  • Wings
  • Seafood
  • Italian
  • Steak
  • Burgers

1st & 10

From the start of the pregame to the post game Super Bowl MVP award we are the place that has the party going all day and all evening long.

Super Bowl Drink Specials

best super bowl party in the the outer banks

super bowl in the outer banks

Great prices on drinks will complement the game regardless of whether your team is in it or not.

Avoid the blitz of Super Bowl Prep

Avoid the Super Bowl blitz of people coming to your house, buying lots of food that you’re not gonna eat, cleaning up before they get there, and cleaning up after they leave. Let us do the blocking and tackling for you without leaving you in a mess.

Super Bowl fumbles

Also you can do all this work and get all the stuff prepped but don’t you want to enjoy the game as well as have fun. The point is the Super bowl is pure fun and if all you’re doing is waiting on people nonstop, how are you going to enjoy the game.

NO Need For A Salary Cap Here

I realize this is a dramatic way to address the fact that doing your own Super Bowl party can be stressful and expensive. Do not spend another dime on decorations, snacks, food, cleaning, or paper products. This extra expense is probably something you do not need after the Christmas season. It is definitely a lot cheaper to have us do it and use that money for a nice dinner with the family or just let us provide you with the fun food while you watch the game.

No Cover Charge

No cover charge to come watch the game.

Dine In or Takeout

Order from us and pick it up. Have us prep whatever kind of food you want to enjoy during the big game and no one will be the wiser.


Best Outer Banks Breakfast

Best Breakfast Restaurant in the Outer Banks Of North CarolinaBreakfast Specials

A Breakfast Special at an Outer Banks Restaurant or pancake house is only “special’ if you are getting incredible breakfast food at a ridiculously low price. Well our perennial super breakfast special awaits you in Kill Devil Hills offering an incredible value on breakfast.

.99 Cent Breakfast Special Mon-Friday til 11:30 am (holidays excluded)

Now save some money with 2 eggs, home fries or grits,or apples and toast. I have seen no one else offer a deal like this, so enjoy it while it lasts.breakast restaurant near me

Our 99 cent breakfast special

And We Are Open Late

The Jolly Roger is open for breakfast 6:30 until 2:00, lunch from 11:30-4:30, and dinner until 10pm.  There are other late night selections available in our bar until 1am!

We Offer Breakfast til 2pm everyday!

What if you want an omelet at 1 in the Afternoon ? Consider it done! And what if someone else with you doesn’t? Or what if you want to add pancakes to a lunch entrée before 2 pm???. Why limit yourself????


Best Breakfast Restaurant in the outer banks of north carolinaFamily Friendly Breakfast

Breakfast food, whether in the OBX or elsewhere beside the OBX is family friendly. I mean how can you go wrong. We offer:

  • Eggs
  • Pancakes
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Grits
  • Oatmeal
  • Scrapple
  • And much more


We Have Incredible One Of A Kind Breakfast Dishes Like…

Pancake Lasagna. It is our own creation and is a must order if you just cannot get enough breakfast food.

And Bacon..

Really nothing unusual about offering bacon when you are an Outer Banks Breakfast restaurant but I had to mention it here. Just the mention of the word bacon is exciting.

And Of Course We Offer Healthier Breakfast Options

We also offer fruit, yogurt, grits and oatmeal if you need something a little lighter.

And Great Breakfast Values All Year Long

And Even When It Is Not On Special Our Outer Banks Breakfast Deal Is Still Incredibly Inexpensive.

And If You Come For Breakfast, Stay For Lunch And Dinner

We have award winning dinner and lunch dishes as well. In fact we have a little of everything from ribs to seafood. We also offer specials every day of the week to save you money.

healthy breakfast outer banksWhere To Get An Incredible Breakfast In The Outer Banks

If you do not know where the best breakfast restaurant in the Outer Banks is, I provided this map. Think of it as a treasure map. The treasure being the Jolly Roger breakfast menu that awaits you.

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