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Corned Beef and Cabbage Lunch and Dinner at the Jolly Roger

In third grade, my teacher announced that we would be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green hats and giving ourselves fake Irish names. And so was born that great Celtic patriot Francis McLam, and next to me was the even-more-improbable sounding Mike O’Gotkowski. Our friend Michael O’Reilly was now — in the face of all this Irishness — no longer sufficiently Irish, and so he became Michael McO’Reilly. It was my first inkling of how strange Americans are about traditions on St. Patrick’s Day, a feeling reinforced years later by watching people of all races and ethnicities pretend at Irishness by getting plowed on green beer and painting themselves like leprechauns. But despite all this, maybe the most straightforward of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, eating the corned beef and cabbage, is secretly one of the strangest. Continue reading

Jolly Roger Restaurant Pirates Plunder the St. Patricks Day Parade

St Patricks Day Parade in the Outer Banks

St Patricks Day Parade Outer BanksJolly Roger pirates will pillage and plunder their way through the Kellys St Patrick’s Day Parade this Sunday, March 13th at 1:00 pm.  Be sure to cheer us on!!!!  The theme this year is Outer Banks Recreates – highlighting the many ways that people have fun on the Outer Banks…if you would like to be a pirate volunteer, call Susan at the Jolly…252-441-6530 Continue reading